A small cycle share program in Chandigarh

Chandigarh experiments with a public bicycle share program.

Soon, you can get a free cycle from Varsity to Sukhna Lake (Indian Express). Despite the headline, it’s not quite free. From the image the Indian Express provides, it looks like charges are Rs 50 for a half day and Rs 100 for the full day.

I hope this works.

However it is at a very small-scale (150 cycles total) cycle share system.  Globally, there are hardly any examples of successful cycle sharing systems with so few cycles and stations.

Consider the public bicycle share system in  Hangzhou, China, which has 50,000 bicycles and 2,050 cycle stations.

So, India still awaits a full-scale public bicycle share system.



“China’s Hangzhou Public Bicycle Understanding Early Adoption and Behavioral Response to Bikesharing” Susan A. Shaheen, Hua Zhang, Elliot Martin, and Stacey Guzman


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