Namma Metro (Bangalore) Allows Foldies

Folding bicycles are officially listed as an item that is allowed on the Namma Metro.

This is a small but significant step forward in bicycle accessibility. Sadly only foldies are allowed, however  no that the Bangalore Metro has recognized the importance of bicycles  for last mile connectivity, perhaps others will follow. For instance, cyclists have been prevented from bringing foldies on the Mumbai Metro. Authorities there claim that they exceed the maximum luggage size.

Namma Metro’s latest offering: Pedal Yatra

“The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has come out with a long list of items that are allowed and prohibited at metro stations and in trains. While the authorities have decided to allow foldable bicycles on board the trains, regular ones are a strict no-no. The list of prohibited items includes inflammables, knives, scissors, arms and ammunition, manure, rags, pets, et al. The BMRCL allows the carrying of cigarettes and alcohol on trains; however, smoking and consuming alcohol on board and at stations is strictly prohibited.”

Foldie on bangalore metro photo
“Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, the chief PRO, U A Vasanth Rao, said, “We are allowing people to carry foldable bicycles on the metro. But we have also received complaints from passengers about allowing foldable cycles on trains. Passengers say that cycles on the train cause inconvenience during peak hours.” After the east-west corridor started — a distance of 18 kilometers between Baiyappanahalli and Nayandahalli — on average of one lakh people have started using the metro. The ridership has already crossed 10 lakh in first 10 days of operations.”



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